Why Clutch Doctors?

We provide a FREE inspection of your clutch, and then go over in as much detail as needed to make sure you understand what and why we are recommending repairs.

Clutch & Brake Doctors opened in Vancouver with one simple idea, provide great automotive repair at a discount price. With our no nonsense pricing philosophy we quickly became one of the busiest clutch specialist in Vancouver.

By specializing in repairing clutches, Clutch & Brake Doctors is able to focus on efficiency, which lowers the price to you. Our technicians are able to solve clutch problems so fast, many competitors send their customers to us. Our customers typically get their cars back the same day, which makes everybody very happy. Come see why so many of our neighbors trust us for their clutch repair.

7 Things You Need To Know About Clutch Repair

Clutch Repair Diagnosis

Clutches and manual transmissions can almost always be evaluated in a timely manner, while you wait. A professional should be able to tell you what is causing your symptoms and quote a firm price without having to charge you for diagnosis. Some shops require that every moment of a technician’s time be billed to the customer. Your time is important Clutch and Brake Doctors offers free inspections and adjustments while you wait.

Clutch Repair Parts

Many shops install rebuilt parts trying to hide the fact that the largest cost on most repairs is the labor. New parts last longer and are more reliable, which saves you both time and money.

Clutch Repair Experience

Clutch & Brake Doctor’s has replaced thousands of clutches. You can bet our guys are experienced. Each location is equipped with all of the tools and equipment needed to efficiently and accurately replace your clutch. Each store has a flywheel-resurfacing machine on site. The technician that is performing your service will resurface your flywheel, insuring that the flywheel is resurfaced to factory specifications. Each store is staffed with clutch experts that know all of the ins and outs of a great clutch job. No guessing. Your repair will be done right, it won’t take too long.

Clutch Repair Complete Service

A clutch is not that complicated. They consist of a clutch disc, pressure plate, release bearing and pilot bearing. They are mounted to the flywheel, which is attached to the crankshaft of the engine. Most good shops will replace all of the components and resurface the flywheel. Make sure that each component is going to be replaced. Some shops will not replace all of the components, or they will charge extra to resurface the flywheel. At Clutch & Brake Doctors we replace the clutch disc, pressure plate, release bearing and pilot bearing. Each shop has a flywheel-resurfacing machine on site. We won’t waste your time or money.

Clutch Repair Estimates

There is no reason that a shop should not be able to give you a solid estimate over the phone. It is reasonable to expect to get an accurate telephone quote. Diagnosing a clutch problem is fairly easy. It is unlikely that a partial repair will be performed. And, the shop can always change their original estimate if the situation is not as described over the phone. If the shop will not give you a phone quote, hang up!

The Clutch & Brake Doctors uses our proprietary ClutchQuote™ system. We deliver you an accurate quote, over the phone in just a couple of minutes. All we need is your Name, Phone number and Vehicle information. Fast, Simple and Accurate.

Clutch Repair Knowledge

Insist on a real clutch specialist. Some shops masquerade as clutch specialists, but they are only participating in an advertising campaign. Here today and gone tomorrow, some shops lease their clutch phone numbers by the week. These shops are sold the idea that once they get your car in for repairs, they have the opportunity to sell you other services. Some will greatly inflate the price of smaller items like a rear main seal.

During the clutch repair, the cost of a rear main seal should be minimal. Ask before the work begins. When you call Clutch & Brake Doctors, you are talking to a real clutch specialist, with all of the right tools and expertise to fix your car. Plus, If it ain’t broke, we don’t fix it!

Clutch Repair Warranty

Most clutch manufacturers have a very limited warranty, and it is usually limited to manufacturing defects. The shop you choose should reflect the confidence that they have in the parts they install. Better shops will offer a warranty that exceeds the limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Clutch & Brake Doctors has a lifetime warranty against defects on the parts and a two year or 20,000 mile warranty on the labor.

How’s that for confidence!

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Clutch Diagnostic Tools

Get to know your clutch before it is gone. Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

Clutch Chatter

Clutch chatter is best described as a stutter or vibration as the clutch is released. It is most noticeable when starting out from a complete stop. Clutch chatter is the most difficult clutch problem to diagnose and repair. Some clutch chatter problems can be caused by a clutch problem, but often the problem is caused by something other than the clutch.



  • Clutch disc related contamination: oil on the disc from the engine or transmission leak
  • Torsion Spring Escaped: usually caused by “popping: the clutch or attempting to push start the car

Pressure Plate Distorted:

  • Pressure Plate Related Warped friction plate: usually due to excessive heat build up. Can be caused by excessively slipping the clutch
  • Warped Diaphragm Spring: defective part
  • Uneven Coil Spring Pressures: defective part. Very few of this style clutch made today

Release Bearing:

  • Release Bearing Related Damaged or Worn Release Bearing: Usually on very high mileage cars, or can result from extended operation with a defective pressure plate
  • Grooved release bearing guide
  • Worn bearing retainer
  • Pilot Bearing Related Damaged Or Missing Pilot Bearing: part failure

Warped Flywheel:

  • Caused by excessive heat build up. Can be caused by excessively slipping the clutch, or overloading the vehicle
  • Flywheel may have to be replaced or resurfaced

Actuator Related:

  • Worn Slave Cylinder
  • Binding Master Cylinder
  • Worn or Broken Pedal Bracket
  • Binding Cable
  • Worn Linkage

Engine Related:

  • Broken Motor Mounts
  • Worn Thrust Bearing: excessive crankshaft end play
  • Poor Engine Performance: tune up, recommended
  • Torn Air Flow Tube

Transmission Related:

  • Broken Transmission Mounts
  • Worn Input Shaft
  • Worn Input Shaft Bearing: excessive play
  • Misalignment: alignment dowel missing or bolts could be broken or missing

Chassis Related:

  • Worn Shocks/Struts
  • Worn U-joint or CV Joint
  • Defective Differential
Hard To Shift

The transmission is hard to put into gear.


Clutch Disc

  • Torsion spring escaped
  • Splines damaged
  • Lack of lubrication on splines
  • Rusted to flywheel
  • Rivets from disc adhering to flywheel
  • Bent disc
  • Flywheel mounting bolt interference

Pressure Plate

  • Warped diaphragm spring
  • broken coil spring
  • deformed mounting surface

Release Bearing

Pilot Bearing – Pilot Bearing binding on input shaft


  • Worn or binding internal parts. Over a long period of time the transmission can be damaged by a clutch that does not fully release.
  • Seized
  • Worn Synchronizer
  • Improper fluid
Abnormal Clutch Pedal

The transmission is hard to put into gear.

Hydraulic system failure

  • Leaking slave cylinder
  • Leaking master cylinder
  • Bypassing master cylinder
  • Improper hydraulic fluid
  • Out of adjustment


  • Firewall flexing
  • Broken pedal bracket
  • Worn or broken bell crank
  • Broken fork or pivot
  • Broken release arm
  • Seized release bearing: release bearing worn through pressure plate fingers
  • Cable – broken, worn or binding cable. Sometimes the clutch cable mounting bracket may fail, tearing the firewall where the cable passes through to the pedal
Clutch Noise

The clutch is making noise.

Noise Heard When Pedal is Pushed

  • Release Bearing – Sometimes noise changes as pedal is pushed in.
  • Pilot Shaft Bearing – Noise increases when the transmission is placed in gear

Noise Stops When Pedal is Pushed

  • Noise Stops When Fully Pushed – The Input shaft bearings in the transmission are bad.
  • Noise Stops When Petal is Slightly Pushed – The Release fork or pivot point is not lubricated and needs lubrication.
Slipping Clutch

The engine revs but the car doesn’t move.

After Long-term Use:

  • Worn Clutch Disc – Disc is worn to the rivets
  • Oil Soaked Clutch Disc – Pressure plate surface appears polished
  • Clutch Out Of Adjustment – heat damaged pressure plate and flywheel
  • Binding Linkage – Heat damaged pressure plate and flywheel
  • Defective Pressure Plate – Uneven heat damage to the pressure plate

After Limited Use:

  • Oil Soaked Clutch Disc – Pressure plate surface appears polished
  • Driver Abuse
    • Destroyed friction material
    • Destroyed center hub
    • Extreme heat damage to components
    • Discolored pressure plate, disc or flywheel
  • Clutch Out Of Adjustment
    • Heat damaged pressure plate and flywheel
    • Inoperative auto adjuster if equipped
    • Binding hydraulics
    • Worn linkage
  • Defective Pressure Plate
    • Caused by heat
    • Uneven fingers
    • Flywheel not resurfaced or out of specification
Hard Pedal

Very hard to push in the clutch pedal.

Release Bearing Related:

  • Worn Bearing Guide – Release guide worn and binding
  • Lack of Lubrication – Release bearing guide has no lubrication

Release Mechanism Related:

  • Binding Clutch Cable
  • Binding Linkage – Bad bushings or worn linkage
  • Worn Release Fork or Pivot – Metal on metal contact
  • Worn Cross shaft guide
  • Improper Hydraulic fluid – Automatic transmission fluid or other fluid added
  • Overextended Slave Cylinder – Indicates other internal mechanical problems
  • Damaged Firewall – Clutch mount pulling through firewall
  • Broken or worn Pedal bracket or bushings – Excessive pedal movement
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